The Cuddle Practitioners website

This website came into being in an effort to assist consumers learn more about our practices and provide a worldwide directory of independent cuddle practitioners regardless of affiliation with a any specific professional cuddling association or entity. The hope to is create a global community where it is easy to find others who share a common goal in bringing awareness to this growing profession and sharing that passion with our potential clients.


Cuddle Practitioners ls is a membership based site, open to certified and/or trained providers actively providing professional cuddling services or related training.

There will never be a cost involved to participate as a member which includes:

  • Creating a base profile that only other practitioners can see, and any contact information you choose to provide. The member profile information is not available to non-members (the general public).
  • Posting listings advertising your active business that adds a map pin to your business, helping potential customers and other professional touch practitioners find you.
  • Note: You do not have to have a physical address to post a listing, but a city location is needed to post the listing. You can adjust the marker on the map to a major intersection or location anywhere within that city, or choose a city nearby according to your comfort level. The idea is to give consumers some idea of where you primarily operate from.
  • Posting event listings related to cuddling workshops, training opportunities, and other types of workshops that would enhance personal growth or advance our skill sets. The same guidelines  on needing a map location apply.
  • Posting of web based professional cuddling related events that are not location dependent.
  • Posting listings for facilitated group cuddle events that uphold established standards and codes of consent for facilitation of platonic touch gatherings.
  • Posting listings of you adverting your group facilitating cuddling business (even if you are not providing one on one sessions). This is also a location dependent type listing.
  • Posting of site approved Professional Cuddling training/certifying organizations to assist with finding initial or ongoing training opportunities.
  • The ability to use the system forums to share ideas and issues with other professionals, along with user support for issues or suggestions related to the website itself.

Restrictions on Membership

The following should be noted before requesting a membership account:

  • All membership requests are verified based on that user being an active professional in some branch of the platonic touch field before access is granted.
  • Verification information is requested on the registration form that can only be seen by administrators and is used to keep our community safe.
  • We do not approve memberships to individuals who have only received training from cuddle directory websites that take a cut of session fees or a finder fee for initial contact. We do recognize you may follow similar codes of operation in your sessions and business, and applaud the work you are doing. Hopefully that organization is providing ongoing support and training, and meeting your needs as a cuddle practitioner.
  • The site administrators and moderators reserve the right to deny access, disable accounts, and remove listings without warning for any reason, but specifically in the following cases:
    • A listing is deemed inappropriate or harmful to the our professional community as a whole.
    • We are notified by a certification or training organization that your credentials have been revoked, or that you have been reported as operating outside their established code of conduct or contract.
    • We are notified by others in our community that you are not upholding commonly accepted standards of professionalism.

How is all this free?

Currently this site and the related upstart costs are being sponsored by SOMD Cuddles.The end goal is to be able to support the community at a near cost recovery or above cost to assist with planned future enhancements.

Members are encouraged to use the free listing option. Many independent practitioners, especially in the first year have very limited marketing budgets.

There are paid listing options with additional features if you have marketing funds available and would like to commit to the longevity of the site. Paid listings are very affordable your support is greatly appreciated.


About the Owner/Webmaster

Don Shanks has been a Cuddlist Certified Practitioner since August, 2017 under the business name of SOMD Cuddles . In August 2019 he completed the online training course offered by Cuddle Sanctuary and continues to learn and grow daily both as a practitioner and in his personal life.

Don is a Retired Systems Administrator Team Lead where he assured 200+ production websites are mission ready utilizing his 45 years of varied information systems experience and BS degree in Information Systems Management specializing in E-Commerce Technology Management.

His goal with this site is to bring his experience and expertise to enhancing, normalizing, and promoting the Professional Cuddling community while helping others who are seeking a stronger web presence.

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If you currently have an active practice and would like to participate as an early adopter of the site as a member, you can click the Sign Up button in the top right header or click here, All registrations will be reviewed and system administrators will activate your account upon verification of your connection to the cuddle community.

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